Jordan Health Minister and Italian ambassador discuss cooperation

Jordanian Minister of Health Firas Hawari and Italian Ambassador Luciano Pezzotti discussed prospects for health cooperation between the two countries. Hawari emphasized Jordanian-Italian relations and the continual cooperation in various fields, pointing out a number of priorities and projects, which are incorporated into the ministry’s strategic three-year health plan that should be implemented in cooperation with the Italians.

Jordan Health Minister and Italian ambassador discuss cooperationThere is a training program for physicians, nurses, and health care workers as well as an upgrade of health care facilities across the kingdom. The two countries’ health ministries coordinated to enroll Jordanian doctors in training programs for medical subspecialties in Italy. Pezzotti reaffirmed the commitment of his country to support the Jordanian Health Ministry. Also thanked the ministry’s staff and Al-Bashir Hospital for providing top-notch medical care to two Italian doctors injured in a car crash in Petra last month.