DEWA research center, InfraX, builds LoRa IoT for DEWA-SAT1

In collaboration with Infra X, the IT and telecommunications arm of Digital DEWA, and their British technical partner Wyld, DEWA’s Research & Development (R&D) Centre has developed satellite Internet of Things (IoT) terminals for DEWA’s 3U nanosatellite, DEWA-SAT1. DEWA launched it as part of its Space-D programme, becoming the first utility worldwide to use nanosatellites to improve the operation, maintenance, and planning of electricity and water networks.

DEWA research center, InfraX, builds LoRa IoT for DEWA-SAT1DEWA commissioned the facility to develop satellite IoT terminals for connecting assets directly to the satellite, as well as for grid applications that linked IoT sensors with DEWA’s nanosatellites. The system also provides hybrid connectivity with the Long-Range (LoRa) IoT terrestrial network operated by InfraX, as well as DEWA’s nanosatellites. This will expand the coverage of DEWA’s existing LoRA IoT terrestrial network, which connects remote assets directly with the satellite, eliminating the need for ground gateways.